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Copper Jigger 25/50ml NGS (Unstamped)

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Be inspired by Utopia's new, improved Barware collection. Our now expansive offering can furnish any bar, from the smallest lounge bar to a hectic, fast paced venue. In addition to the classic essentials, 2016 sees the addition of exciting and innovative pieces. Copper adds vibrancy and a twist on the traditional, ideal for bartenders who want to create real flair. Mixology has developed into a fine art in recent years, and fine artists need the best tools. Jiggers and Thimble Measures are an essential part of the cocktail making process and a staple for every bartender. Cocktail making is like a spectator sport, where every step, from preparation to pour, is watched. For this reason even the most simple of tools have to be considered. Utopia boasts a comprehensive range incorporating both traditional classics as well as contemporary styles in unique finishes.

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